Frequently asked questions

How long do repairs take?

It all depends on the severity of the damage. Plan on 2-5 business days. Owner, Skyler working on this severally damaged hood.

How does the hail repair process work?

The repair process is simple! Step 1: Call your insurance company to inform them that your vehicle was damaged by the hail storm. Also be sure to have your insurance company reserve you a rental car number so that you may have a vehicle while your vehicle is bing repaired. Step 2: Schedule a time for DFW Dent Company to meet you at the rental car facility or if youre dropping in shop we can take you to your rental! Step 3: Repair time takes 2-5 business days. Step 4: Pick up your hail free car! It's that easy!

Will a hail claim show on my CarFax report?

No! Isn't that great!

Will filing a hail claim raise my inurance premium?

No, hail is a comprehensive claim, meaning it is a "no fault" claim.

When can I schedule my vehicle in for a repair?

Any time! click here to get started.

Why should I get my hail damage fixed?

There are several reasons you should get your vehicles hail damage repaired: 1. The value of your vehicle will drastically lower when covered in hail damage. Making it hard to sell or trade into a dealer. 2. Your premium will not raise due to a hail claim. 3. Rust. If hail has caused paint to crack on your car you might want to consider that rust will develop if untreated. 4. It's completely free.

Why choose PDR over a bodyshop?

There are several reasons. 1. Subcontracting -A bodyshop will most likely subcontract out to a pdr technition in turn profiting on your claim while not having to touch the vehicle. Meaning, if he is sharing the cost to repair your vehicle with a pdr tech. your vehicle may or may not be getting the propper repair it needs. 2. Bondo -If a bodyshop is not subcontracting to a pdr tech. this means they are going to add a lot of bondo to your vehicle. This means your dents are still there, just simply filled in with a thick paste and painted over. This will also cause a lot of strain on your vehicle as bondo is not lightweight. 3. Paint -Your factory paint job is the best paint job your vehicle will ever have! So if avoiding paint is possible, avoid it. 4. Time -The pdr method is much faster than any method a bodyshop can offer (other than subcontracting).

Do you work with my insurance company?

Yes. We work with all insurance companies.

Do I have to pay a deductible?

In most cases DFW Dent Company can help cover your deductible.

Does DFW Dent Company offer any type of discounts?

DFW Dent Company offers you an aoutomatic $500 discount for almost every customer! We also offer $100 for every friend or family member that you refer to us!