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3 things to look for when online shopping for a repair shop.

It can sometimes be hard to find the right shop to repair your vehicle. How long will I be without my car? Do they know what they are doing? The biggest question of all, can I trust them with my vehicle? These are all reasonable and smart questions when searching for a shop. Here are 3 tips on what to look for in a trustworthy shop of repair:

1.) Online presence.

-An online presence is huge when looking for a shop of repair. Most reputable shops will have a very good online presence whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, Tumbler, YouTube, and even in some cases, Pinterest.

What do you mean by online presence? A good online presence is a when a company makes posts on social media sites to give their followers and future followers updates on what's going on in their business wether it be a promotion, a post saying hello, informal videos, writing a blog, or posting a happy customer photo.

2.)Ratings *****

I really can't stress enough on how important it is that you check reviews. Reviews are comments from people who have used a business for a service.

Any reputable company will have reviews. Majority of people like to give their feedback whether it be a good or bad experience.

There are many places you can look for reviews:

-Facebook (reviews & recommendations)


-Yelp (also look for "currently not recommended" at the bottom of the page)

-BBB page (If said company has a BBB rating)

3.) Certifications

Depending on the company's line of business, there are certifications that may be required. But with PDR there are certain certifications that a company or person can acquire just for their customers peace of mind.

These include but not limited to:

-Any business should have a Better Business Borough (BBB) profile

-ARC Certifications

These are certifications that a technician can receive upon proving that he or she has the proper skill to repair dents, minor collision, and hail.

That being read, I Hope this information will help you when searching for your shop of repair.

Thank you.


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