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Why hail damage isn't as bad as you think.

Updated: May 13, 2019

We all know that being a victim of a hail storm can be very scary and worrisome. There's little hope when you hear huge ice balls coming from the sky flying down going 100 + miles per hour right onto your car and home roof. We are here to let you know that there's no need to worry and here's why.

Your insurance company is there to help you when uncontrollable disasters like these happen. Every auto and home owner should have comprehensive coverage. This coverage is exactly the coverage you need for these kinds of cases. Meaning the cases that we aren't able to control. Insurance companies cover your repair costs minus your deductible.

EX: Your car was damaged in a hail storm. Your shop of repair and the insurance company come to a compromised estimate to repair your vehicle. The total cost for repairs is $6,589.98 before your deductible is taken out. The insurance company will automatically take your deductible out of the repair cost, leaving the shop with a $500 short on the repair costs ($6,089.98). The repair shop will intern collect the deductible from you. In some cases shops will offer to cover or work with you on your deductible to generate your business.

A lot of people think that if they claim their damage, their insurance premiums will rise. This is false. Comprehensive claims don't raise your rates. The only time your rates will ever rise due to an uncontrollable act is if this act affected thousand of people. If this happens, everyones rates will be risen just a tiny bit whether or not you claim your damages. So we suggest to always claim your damages. After all you do pay your monthly or yearly premiums, so why not take advantage of something that is only beneficial to you.

So take your time and find a shop of your choice. Most insurance companies will offer to suggest some to you but most likely these shops are just close to your location or the insurance company may be getting a cutback (discount) with a shop they choose for you. A big no no is taking your vehicle to a bodyshop for hail repairs. Why? Well bodyshops don't do PDR (paintless dent repair), they do paint and body work. The last thing you want on your vehicle is a bunch of bondo and paint. Bondo isn't light weight and there's no better paint job than your factory paint job. Sometimes a PDR shop might have to paint a panel or two to properly reseal a crack that a hail stone might have caused during the storm. Just be sure that the shop of repair that you choose is a reliable company with lots of reviews, a reputable online presence, ARC Certified, and has a good rating with the BBB.

I hope we were able to shine some light on what to do if or when when you've been in a hail storm.

If you or someone you know was affected my a hail storm please be sure to give us a call or go to our website and fill out our quick questionnaire to get your hail claim in motion. or call us at 817.642.7498

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